How bad can Socialism get?

I just finished listening to an interview with a Portuguese priest, on the state of the country.

It’s very sad, but strangely similar to what we have here in the US, or rather, what we have here in the US is becoming more and more similar to what we have in Portugal (where I’m from).

If you speak Portuguese, you can check out the interview here:

The way the US is heading, under the current and previous leaderships is BAD… it’s corporate run government, and to give you an idea of what we have in Portugal:

  1. in certain parts of the country 35% unemployment rate
  2. Retired folks earning more than 3,888 euros ANNUALLY will now start paying taxes — that’s less t han $5400 a year
  3. A left and right political spectrum that are both as corrupt as the other, and care only about appearances and lie through their teeth (sound familiar?)
  4. Teenagers who get to college and can barely read and write, and hence are useless to the working world (can you say “No child left behind?”)
  5. There are about 35,000 (in a country of 10 million) who depend on their church to have food to eat

Even in Portugal people are saying this: get the bums out. They’ve been lying and cheating us, playing games with us while making themselves fatter. They don’t suffer what we do, they don’t have to experience the lows we do… they, and the bankers who command them are thriving at our expense…

Democrats or Republicans… it does not matter. They spend billions on their campaigns and promise us change and all they deliver is more chaos, more taxes, more money flowing out of our country, loss of jobs and integrity, a school system created to indoctrinate the population into being “good citizens” by which they mean compliant.

It’s not new… it just has a different face. And since they control the education they forced our children to forget their history and the tragedies of the past that were caused by ill-governance.

It’s time to let them go… on both sides!