Global Warming and what I believe

If someone has you believing that Cold is Hot (i.e. the temperature is going down because of Global Warming), here’s Geologic History’s perspective on the matter… we are being swindled! And if you trace WHO IS MAKING THE MONEY… you’ll find out just who’s doing the swindling!

Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe in lowering emissions but more from an aerial pollution perspective — we gotta breathe the stuff, and we’re killing so much rain forest we gotta be careful. I also believe in conserving power, and not using credit, and I’m firmly against wars and government spending (I actually believe government is a necessary evil, but it should be kept small so as not to give the greedy insane control over the rest of us).

With all that said, here’s what I think about Global Warming:

“Causes of Global Climate Change

“Climate change is controlled primarily by cyclical eccentricities in Earth’s rotation and orbit, as well as variations in the sun’s energy output.

“Greenhouse gases” in Earth’s atmosphere also influence Earth’s temperature, but in a much smaller way. Human additions to total greenhouse gases play a still smaller role, contributing about 0.2% – 0.3% to Earth’s greenhouse effect.”

Which, of course, implies I think Al Gore and his “altruistic” camp are making way too much money, and like fascist/communist dictators aren’t willing to discuss their views with the opposition… they know they’re lying. But, thanks to a lot of marketing dollars and the mainstream (read, corporate money controlled media), a lot of people now believe they should pay Mr. Gore’s company a lot of money for carbon credits… how soon will they infer we should pay carbon credits for breathing, after all, like our pets, we too exhale a lot of carbon dioxide.

I’m not at all against making a profit, but I am against taking a right, making it a privilege and then charging for it. We are here because of our Creator (whoever you believe that to be), and as such as endowed with inalienable rights — like the right to breathe, the right to locomotion, the right to marry and the right to work. We are sovereign beings. Why should we pay another being for those divine rights?

Why indeed — but that is another discussion.

Conclusion? I hope Al Gore is made to refund people for all their carbon credits when the we reach the end of the warm age, and enter again into a cooling period (which I believe we’re entering now).

That’s my opinion. You don’t have to agree, or even read it. I just had to get it out there because I have a big mouth.

John Coleman, founder of the weather channel, doesn’t believe in Global Warming either:

And you? That’s your choice. 🙂