FREE Sound Effects and Foley for your filmmaking projects

Well, technically you can use it for anything you want, but I’m a filmmaker, so that’s what comes to mind 🙂 is a very widely used site, presently with 117653 files in total, and counting.

This is an open site where people from all over the world upload and download sounds… and you can make your own requests… it truly is people helping people. From minigun sounds, to radio chatter and other foley niceties, you’re sure to get multiple versions of the same type of sound.

Obviously not all samples are recorded at 24-bit 96KHz with a Schoeps, but most of the sounds I’ve found quite usable. And their search engine is pretty good, so you should be able to find the sounds you’re looking for fairly quickly.

From the main search list, I always right-click and open each one in a new tab, and from there right-click and save to my Foley folder.

I then use a program like Adobe Bridge to tag the file with XML metadata to make it easier for me to search later on. I tend to convert .mp3 (and other sound formats that do not support metadata) files to .wav (yes, even though mp3 is lossly, and wav takes more space, I find being able to tag the files to be a huge benefit).

I highly recommend these guys! So, check ’em out, and if you have any sounds you can share… have at it… pay it forward 🙂

Val Gameiro

Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas

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