FREE Professional Color Correction Plugin for Mac OS

If you’re one of the many colorists working on Mac OS, you’re in luck!

DaVinci Resolve Lite (FREE) is out now… so go download it:

If you don’t know what DaVinci Resolve is, you’re probably not a professional color correctionist, or at least no one of those big studios with deep pockets to afford these color grading stations.

BlackMagic Design make high-end color correction hardware and software, the likes of which get used on big productions (read, budgets much bigger than my upcoming feature, Amnesia).

This is so cool it almost makes me want to change over to a Mac… almost! (I’m still a windows miser at heart, with way too much software and plugins that wouldn’t run on a Mac).

Enough of my rambling… if you, or anyone you know does color correction on a Mac… send them the above link!

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas