FREE Gun Related Sound FX from Detonation Films

The awesome folks at Detonation Films (famous for exploding footage goodness) are giving away some groovy sound effects related to guns… from gunfire to chambering sounds, etc.

Show your support for a great company who’s out there supporting indie filmmakers, and blowing stuff up so we don’t have to. Here’s their post:

Greetings, stalwart defenders of artistic freedom!

Just real quick here, the freebie for this particular update is a GUN SOUND EFFECTS PACK.  We don’t usually do sound effects and we’re not planning to make a habit of it, but a friend needed some so we sat down with our arsenal and made him a bunch.  These are all stuff you generally can’t find too easily — revolver cylinders spinning, slides cocking, metallic rattles, actions working, along with some standard bangs.  These were all recorded by us, and are free and royalty-free and all that jazz.

We also have Exploding Stukkas!  Because we love to blow up toys.  In HD and DV.

And an exploding Nissan GRT-1!  For the same reason.  In HD and DV.

And an exploding Mini-Coop!  Because we couldn’t help ourselves.  In HD and DV.

And more stuff coming!  So you keep doing your projects, and we’ll keep blowing stuff up!

Bob Forward
Detonation Films

3 Replies to “FREE Gun Related Sound FX from Detonation Films”

  1. Gary Hoffman

    I like the revolver spin sound. Hope it is okay to use in the beginning of our song TRIGGER. I’m putting up a rough demo of it today as it is not completed, more mixing to do, re-doing vocals, adding backup vocals, etc. So it’s far from ready but couldn’t resist putting up this early (incorrectly mixed version) so I can hear it w/ the revolver spin LOL. In final version (if we use the revolver spin we will give you credit). Nice job on that sound as I listened to many spin sounds & this seemed the best one I could find. Regards, -Gary ‘bass player’ for Half Past 3.

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