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If you’re a Reason user:

Free for Christmas – Oct 2011 Reason Wizardry

As with every year, at Christmas time I like to give something back to the community. This year your free gift is the October 2011 issue of Reason Wizardry. Its full-length, uncut – 30 minutes long. I hope you enjoy it!

The topic is the new Alligator effect in Reason 6 – you’ll find some very cool new tips and tricks in its usage. Once again, its completely free and waiting for you on either Youtube, or you can even download the source Quicktime files (in full HD) along with the example patches below.

Reason Wizardry October 2011 Download

username: october11issue
password: Owe1d8kA9vqa

This is a pretty large download, so if you get slow speeds please be patient and try again later! Note that you can either download the chapters individually, or the complete all-in-one video, depending on your preference.

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker