Here’s another Freebie from SonicCouture, this time a Kazoo ensemble! It can sound like a cross between a horn on the high end, and a contrabass on the low end. Maybe even a bit like a bagpipe. And it’s FREE… all you have to do is register with them (which is also FREE).

Here’s a more in-depth description from their website (go there to download the instrument):

Cabinet Of Curiosities

25 tuned plastic mouth-horns, or ‘Kazoos’. Made by Suzuki. What were they used for? We don’t know. There is very little information to be found online about this curiosity.

Soniccouture user Josh Prager got in touch with us about them – he’d had them for about ten years, and thought it might be a good idea if we record them. So here they are.

Recorded in stereo with 5 round robins per note, the Kontakt instrument doesn’t sound as silly as the name might suggest. Roll off the attack, lower the filter cutoff and you’ve got an atmospheric horn-pad synth instrument. Our custom KSP interface adds controls to increase the number of kazoos in the ‘section’, with options for adding pitch instability and variable note-off levels.

Concert Kazoos


Requires Kontakt 5.1 or above (Full version, Kontakt Player not supported), Logic 9 or Ableton Live 9.