Born in Mozambique in Africa and raised in Portugal, Val Gameiro has been writing since the age of 5, when he uncovered an old typewriter around the house. As soon as he figured out its workings, he began feeding it sheet after sheet of paper, and pumping out poems, snippets of stories and the like. Over the years, the typewriter gave way to a computer, and fiction and poetry gave way to lines of computer code and sales presentations, although neither were truly fully abandoned.

Through the years, and after many frequent flyer miles across several continents, the ideas kept cropping up in dreams or in the shower or in the car. At first just teasing the mind, but then stronger and stronger, begging to come out. So it was that Val finally opened the gates and let those thoughts pour out. From song to poem, and short fiction to screenplay, the gates are open… watch out world! With 4 languages, an eclectic music selection, a wide experience of travel and a good dose of imagination, you are guaranteed to find something to love in his writing!

Having optioned his first script in 2007, and having seen it not get produced, Val decided to learn how to produce and direct his own work, and found an even greater passion for directing and seeing his scripts through to completion.

7 Shades of Lenity (sci-fi, action webseries)

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Sound Designer, Composer

When She Smiles (a short docudrama of Human Trafficking)

Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Editor, Sound Designer, Composer

Aftermath (another sci-fi short, set in a post-apocalyptic future)

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Sound Designer, Composer

Perseverance (a romantic short)

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

Suffer the Children (short on Human Trafficking)

Co-writer, co-director, co-editor

Dawn Over Zero Music Video with Robin Blesch and Michael Morlan

Script Supervisor

2008 48 Hour Film Project in Austin

Co-writer, Sound Designer and Composer (award for Best Sound Design)

The Second Amendment (short PSA)

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

Suffer the Children (short film on Human Trafficking)

Co-writer, Co-director

Sunset in McDade (short film)


Amnesia (feature film)

Writer, Director, Producer

Bridge to Redemption (feature film)

Associate Producer, Co-writer

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