Cool Windows App for viewing Media File Thumbnails

Sometimes big things come in little packages. This is a small thing, but it goes a looooong way for me.

Especially in regard to video clips, of which I have thousands of clips, this is very useful.

It downloads at 14MB -ish, runs on several Windows versions, and allows you to display thumbnails for a large variety of video, audio and image files.

I even tried the audio, and it shows you the Album Cover, which is cool.

You have to be Viewing at least Medium Icons in order to see the thumbnail. List, Details and Small Icon don’t work.

If there’s nothing to thumbnail, it continues to give you the default Windows icon, but if there is, it seems to give you the last frame of the clip.

It used to be an annoyance to have to open up a video file to see what it contained. Now, I can just browse Windows Explorer and see what I’ve got. Much quicker, especially for larger files from the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. I’m loving this app.

It even lets you show Album covers on audio files, and if you have any image formats that Windows can’t display a thumbnail – you know can.

Seriously, this is the most useful app I found in a looong time. It’s making Windows a lot friendlier and where I had been contemplating buying an Adobe product just so I could have Adobe Bridge, I think I can now simply use Windows Explorer. Sweeeeeeet!

Windows already lets you add metadata to files 🙂

Life is good!

Check out the article here:

And download the file here:

Hope this helps,

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas