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[WTP] Continental Congress CC2009 Takes Wing — Intense Deliberations, Presentations

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November 15, 2009

Continental Congress CC2009 Takes Wing

Delegates Experience Intense Deliberations, Presentations

Push to Make CC2009 Live Webcast Go “Viral”

CC2009 Video Archives Being Posted

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

As of close of business Sunday, the Continental Congress 2009 Delegates have now experienced their fourth day of intense deliberations and moving presentations regarding numerous violations of the Constitution by the U.S. Government.

Although the Delegates have significantly embraced the draft agenda and deliberative process as designed for the Congress, the Assembly has debated and subsequently introduced several modifications to the Committee structures in order to handle the overwhelming work involved in developing both “Remedial Instructions” (to be served upon state and federal officials directing them to perform specific acts to secure Redress for their violations) and “Civic Actions” the People may take to enforce accountability to the Constitution, should those officials fail or otherwise ignore the People’s Remedial Instructions.

Since Thursday, the Continental Congress Delegates have been meeting almost around the clock, with committee meetings and Delegate caucuses on various subjects extending well beyond the scheduled agenda sessions into the early morning hours – some reportedly until near breakfast.  In short, the CC2009 Delegates are taking the task of defending our Liberty very, very seriously.

The entire historic CC2009 event continues to be webcast live, at no cost, at, where a summary daily agenda is also provided. Archived videos of some of the earlier day’s event segments, including Wednesday’s opening Ceremony, have begun to be posted at  (More will follow daily.)

Viral Webcast?

Millions of America need to see that there is hope – hope for a viable means, beyond “Tea Party” street demonstrations, beyond party manipulated elections – to restore Constitutional Order and secure the Light of Liberty for our posterity. Indeed this is the very purpose of Continental Congress 2009.

We ask you to do everything possible to bring the live webcast to the attention of every possible American you can contact.  Continental Congress is real – and it is happening even as you read this email.  We have made a significant investment to be able to bring the events of CC2009 to every home and office in America – LIVE, and for FREE.

Time is short and the opportunity to experience history in the making passes further each day.  Please do what you can do spread word of our historic initiative through every email list, social network, and friend that you have.

Critical Mass is Vital

Before next week, CC2009 will deliver to the American People a viable “sword” with which to “slay” the dragons of tyranny that have become a cancer unto our nation.

Out of CC2009 will emerge a compelling record of the violations of Fundamental Rights our People now suffer, a well articulated set of “Remedial Instructions” to literally direct government officials to execute under pain of mass resistance, and a volume of viable, practical and creative “Civic Actions” every one of the We the People may take en masse, to hold the Government accountable to our Law, and our Constitution.

Let us give our nation, our friends, and our families hope that the promise of our Founding Fathers has not yet been lost.  If we join together in sufficient numbers, and embrace a peaceful, cogent, and unified plan of resistance with which to engage our oppressors, our individual acts in the defense of Liberty will no doubt serve to shortly free us again, just as our Founders once succeeded.

As we look forward to the approaching Thanksgiving holiday, let us endeavor to make Continental Congress the discussion du jour at dinner tables across our nation, while we embrace its promise within our hearts, giving thanks and remembrance for the Divine gifts of Liberty that we both enjoy, and as Citizens, are obligated to defend.

Donations Still Needed

Again, we humbly ask for your continued financial support of the Continental Congress 2009 initiative.  Although the historic CC2009 event continues as you may read this email or watch the free live Internet webcast, there are significant event-related costs we still need to cover.

Please consider a fully tax-deductible donation of any amount to the 501(c)3 WTP Foundation or to receive the beautiful .999 pure silver CC2009 commemorative medallion. (If you have not visited our website before, please first join our email list.)  Again, we offer many, many thanks for your support that has made this event possible thus far.

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