Casting Call for SAG Ultra Low Budget Horror/Thriller Feature


Deferred pay. Shooting in late September 2011. This is a no gore and no nudity horror/thriller based on true events of psychiatric abuse of human rights, and human trafficking.

Please submit headshot and resume to: casting  (at) idealsceneproductions (dot) com

Day 1: Wednesday, April 27th evening

Day 2: Wednesday, May 4th evening

PROTAGONIST: an athletic man in his early to mid 20s, a patient in an asylum. Must have a wide range, as the story is a rollercoaster ride based on true stories.

ANTAGONIST: a deranged man in his 50-60s, wholly dedicated to his research. A lot of subtext and nuances in  this role.

NURSE: She is the antagonist’s right hand, a devoted assistant, and psychotic woman. A scary bombshell with a thick Slavic accent. Must be tall and strong, and capable of instilling respect in patients and other orderlies, and throwing them around.

SERF: a male labor slave from Mozambique. He’s thin and frail, but maintains a positive attitude. Must be able to pass as someone from Mozambique, and learn a few words in Xi-ronga, one of the Mozambican dialects. This is the hero’s best friend.

HEROINE: probably the most challenging role, a woman in her late teens to early 20s, who’s a victim of human trafficking and does not speak. She is used by the Antagonist for commercial sex and is kept doped up. Must be able to communicate without words. When she does speak, she is of Slavic descent, hence a good accent is important. Small framed.

YOUNG GIRL: The heroine’s sister, and a pre-teen to early teen. No dialog either, just emotions and actions. Thin.