Bring Sheriff Mack to Texas!

For those who may not know, the way the laws of our land are written, the Sheriff is the highest ranking official at the County level… this means he has even has the authority to even send Federal agencies packing, if he believes they are violating the rights of the people in his county… which has been done before, and is the way it should be done.

The Sheriff, true to their roles in the 1800’s, is our last line of defense against abuse of power.

Here’s Sheriff Mack’s website:

And here’s a youtube about him:



Sheriff Mack fought and won a Supreme Court Case that countered

an overarching, unconstitutional reach of the federal
government. His case overturned the Brady Bill.

We’d like Sheriff Mack to speak and encourage other Texas Sheriffs in
their role as defenders of the U.S. Constitution.

Sheriff Mack would come to the upcoming 2010 Texas Sheriff
Conference but we need signatures (fast) to encourage the
conference agenda setters to add him to the speaking agenda.
Would you please take a moment to help by signing and sharing
this petition with others?

While his winning case at the Supreme Court was triggered by
the unconstitutional Brady Bill, the ruling covers Government
Controlled “Health Care”, Cap and Trade, and almost every
battle we will deal with this year and beyond

Sheriff Mack’s success in the Supreme Court Decision was that:
“The Federal Government may not compel the States to enact or
administer a federal regulatory program.”