An hour with Alfred Hitchcock

I just came across a wonderful set of interview clips on on an interview with Alfred Hitchcock.

Personally, adore Mr. Hitchcock’s work, and find it nearly impossible to sit and observe his work objectively. Even with the sound off, I find myself being pulled into the story being told, and before I know it, I’m engrossed in the story and forgetting that I was supposed to be studying it.

I should want to make something very clear — I don’t agree with Mr. Hitchcock’s view on actors. I value what actors do quite a lot, and love spending time with them, working out the details of their performances. But then again, unlike a lot of the writers I’ve met, I love writing… I love the research and I love the process, and I love putting the words on the page, and reading them back… so… take everything I say with a pinch of salt 🙂

So, here you have him, the master of suspense himself… on video: