A Simple Random Name Generator (in Excel)

Here’s a simple tool I developed to create random characters (great when you’re in the middle of writing down an idea and don’t want to stop to figure out a good name for a character).

It has quite a large variety of first and last names, along with character traits and professions. It’s written in Excel so you can see how I did it, and modify it to your own tastes.

You can get it here: Name Chooser Expanded

Let me know how you like it 🙂

3 Replies to “A Simple Random Name Generator (in Excel)”

  1. Mousewrites

    This is PERFECT. I run RPGs for my gaming group, and often we do tiny pickup games in the system of Dread, for which I generate characters.

    This is exactly what I need to generate a set of characters quickly based on whatever I want the criteria to be. In this case, it will be a set of steampunk paranormal investigators, and this list will have their name, their specialty, and the names of their gear.

    You are my hero forever.

  2. admin

    Cool, glad it’s of use 🙂 and I LOOOOOVE Steampunk! I’d love to hear about your game if you have a blurb somewhere you can send me. Have fun,


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