4 NEW FREE Clips from VideoBlocks {Stock Footage}

If you’ve never heard about VideoBlocks, you won’t know they’re offering 7 days of complimentary downloads – and there’s some really decent ones. They are a website offering royalty-free (meaning you don’t have to keep paying to use their footage) stock footage.

What’s setting them apart from most other stock footage sites, is that they are giving away 7 days of free downloads (max. 20 clips per day), including 2K and 4K RED footage.

All you have to do is sign up with a credit card, and cancel before the 7 days expire if you’re not satisfied with the service — and you can do all that online (unlike some services which make you jump through hoops to cancel their subscriptions).

On top of all the above, if you’re on Facebok (and frankly, who isn’t these days?), you can go over to their page here, and Like them, and they’ll e-mail you links to 4 more free clips:

1 Free Stock Footage Aerial Clip of the Statue of Liberty

1 Free Green Screen Clip of something that looks like a laptop screen, which then cracks – a transition of sorts.

1 Free Lower Third of an animated yellow ribbon.

1 Free Looping Background that looks like a cross between the blue Mac desktop with a Windows 7 background and some light particles for good measure. Pretty cool looking actually, and since it’s a looping background, you can… er… loop it.

If you’re a video creative professional who needs stock footage regularly, their offering seems actually pretty decent.

Since I’m only an indie filmmaker, the stock footage isn’t as useful to me, except perhaps as establishing shots in other countries or locales I can’t afford to shoot.

Either way, there’s something for everybody.